I've been gone for a while my royals have you've missed me. I will try to update the site every once in a while yet no promises. I gotta go for now *waves bye with cocky manner*. 
This summer I have been writing recording, rapping, singing and laughing. So all you nobles take a little break and enjoy summer next month because I know I am. Until then Riches and Crowns 
I can be the best these people got and keep going strong. You might hate me and want to defeat me but listen here. I am unstoppable but still just an HUMAN BEING. I am an image of imperfection and I am just another living thing on this universe. Just because I act mean and rude and cruel I still have a good heart. Throughout I won't be stressed nor will I fall or be defeat by an HUMAN BEING...
I am in the process of writing The remix to Nicki Minaj's Champion. Because ya'll know it's a celebration for the Nobles. It's a time to know and goooo. They need to know who we are by now champion we're champions.............................................. Applaud Yourself NOBLES....
Tomorrow last official day of school can't believe how this school year flew by and how much this King change for better.
Until next time Vonny Out

I got a couple more days until I am officially 15 years of age. Also until I can start working on the mixtape because as I say the sooner the better. Until next time bye all my royal loyal cruel sool foolish crazy NOBLESSSSSSSSSS.